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About General Healthcare

Missions of our company

General Healthcare Inc. will propel the development of Science and Medicine by creating the smooth flow of new scientific information across the world, contribute to the further development of Medicine, Life Science, Healthcare, and Rehabilitation, and provide abundant life to people across the world.

Message from CEO

Ever since General Healthcare Inc. has been established, we have been putting the best of our effort to and working toward to create and develop the flow of Scientific and/or Medical information globally.

The Concentrated Media Department connects the industries of biomedical engineering, biotechnology, life science, and rehabilitations and healthcare providers by providing them the communicational contents electronically.

The Web Consulting Department works closely with Concentrated Media Department by providing the electronic communicational contents described above on top of creating website and applications for solutions online. The Specialized Merchandise Department operates the website for online shop for rehabilitation tools and sells books with Medical and/or Scientific contents at symposium as an exhibitor.

With our mission in our mind, we hope to contribute to the further development of Science and improvement in industries with our work.

General Healthcare Inc.
CEO: Shinichiro Takesawa

Company Information

Name: General Healthcare Inc.
Location of Principle Office: Win Aoyama Building, 2-2-12 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Business Address: Suzuwa Building 7F, 5-2-3 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan
CEO: Shinichiro Takesawa
TEL 03-5829-9758
FAX 03-5829-9759
Date of Estabilishment: January 29, 2007
Capital: 2326,0000 yen($ 23,260)


2007January General Healthcare Inc. is estabilished
September Opened the online content, “Bio Research Media” to researchers
October Opened the online content, “Introduction to laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis” to public
2008:Feburuary With the donation from the third party, company capital reached 1200,000 yen
April First publication of “Medister”
September With the donation from the third party, company capital reached 1500,000 yen
November Moved the Location of Principle Office to Minami Aoyama
2009April Earned the second place for “Company with Best Merchandisers”
September Attended the first conference for medical and rehabilitation merchandice
2010September Moved the Location of Business to Taito-ku
2012December With the donation of the third party, company capital reached 2100, 0000 yen
2013March With the donation of the third party, company capital reached 2326,0000 yen